Pro Optics has the knowledge and skills to offer installation and maintenance services to the Seychelles telecommunications infrastructure, providing comprehensive solutions for the Telecommunications and Power & Renewable sectors.

Presenting a synergy with our cable laying, HV and overhead lines services, Pro Optics offers a comprehensive solution including: 
•  initial planning, route surveys, noticing and design
•  identifying areas of concern and mitigation measures at an early stage in the project

•  comprehensive underground services and ground condition surveys including complex trial excavations

•  planning, installation and maintenance of optical fibre distribution networks 
•  fibre installation including ‘last mile’ connections
•  cabling, splicing, terminating and testing of distribution networks, using both single and multi-mode technologies
•  installation of internal wiring
•  civil engineering duct work and cabinet installation 
•  maintenance and r
enewal of telegraph pole networks

•  digital mapping and GPS surveys 
•  network management

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